All Fired Up offers a variety of uniquely creative ideas for your special day!  From signature platters as your guest book, Bachelorette parties, to Unity Glass, we have something to make amazing memories for your Wedding Day.

Bachelorette Party HowToBachelorette Parties:  All Fired Up offers amazing alternatives for Bachelorette Parties!  There are many options, including Private Canvas & Wine Parties, a Wine Glass Painting Party, a party to paint pieces for the Bride and Groom, or simply a private party that include any of the art forms that we offer! Our private party room holds 8-15 adults, and our studio can hold up to 60 people!  Want to include the Flower Girl or Junior Bridesmaids?  All Fired Up is a family friendly environment, we do ask that parties remain tasteful.

Costs:  Costs vary depending on the art form chosen.  The average cost is $25 per person for pottery, and canvas is $35 per person.

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Signature Plates HowToSignature Platters:  A custom way to have a guestbook for your wedding is a Signature Platter!  Simply create a piece of pottery in our studio to your liking, and leave it for us for a week to glaze and fire in our kilns.  Afterwards, you can purchase a signature pen that will allow your guests to sign your platter at your event.  After allowing the pen to dry for 7 days and a simple curing process at home, your signatures will be a permanent reminder of your friends and family that came that day!

Costs: Platters range in costs from $35-$60 depending on size and shape, and the after fire signature marker is $8.00 + tax

Feel free to contact us at or at (330) 865-5858 to talk about what we can do to help you!